Privacy Policy

Privacy is important. We have measures in place to keep the personal data we hold safe and secure.

This policy will inform you as to what personal data we process in order to carry out our objective of sharing information to help support the Perranzabuloe parish community. Also what we use personal data for, what our lawful basis is and most importantly your rights.

We collect and have access to information about:

  • visitors to our website, via Web server logs and Google Analytics
  • visitors to our meetings who fill out the attendance sheets
  • contact made with us by those interested or involved with to help support the Perranzabuloe parish community
  • visitors and contact via our social media such as Facebook

We use this information to:

  • progressing helping support the Perranzabuloe parish community
  • meeting legal or other regulatory obligations imposed on us

We process personal information about:

  • those who live, work and visit Perranzabuloe
  • suppliers
  • advisers, consultants
  • complainants, enquirers

Data security and sharing:

  • We sometimes need to share the personal information we process with the individual themself and also with other organisations.
  • We continually consider our own data management and where appropriate update our records and processes to keep personal data we hold and manage, safe and secure. This includes reviewing those we work with.
  • We do not share data with anybody that is not directly required to deliver the services for which the data was provided.
  • We secure the data we have using systems that have password layers, firewalls and security software.

Data retention:

  • Where we have personal data, such as, but not limited to, that of individuals who are interested in being involved with the creation of a Perranzabuloe Neighbourhood Development Plan, we assume (implied consent) acceptance of our need to hold this information for so long as we are dealing with these individuals and this project. Once the project is complete, we will only retain information required by statute..

Data breach:

  • We fully understand that GDPR requires that we announce, to those effected breaches within 72 hours of discovering them.
  • This would be to those affected, and the Information Commissioners Office (ICO).
  • We would then follow procedures in accordance with the ICO’s guidance.

Your data:

  • You’re entitled to request access to a copy of the personal data that we hold on you. If you would like to make a request for your information, please contact
  • We may apply the GDPR right of a fee for second and subsequent requests from the same data subject.

If you have any questions about how we use the data we have and the data we have access to, please email

This policy was last updated on the 22nd of March 2020.

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