27 March 2020 email to delivery volunteers

This message was sent out to delivery volunteers on the 27th of March 2020:

Dear <Name>,

Thankyou for offering your support as a volunteer to our Community, welcome to the team! You truly are awesome stepping up at this time, and from the conversations that we are having with those in need, your help is so appreciated.

We are working on a ‘buddy system’ and matching a volunteer to a vulnerable person/ couple/ family whilst in isolation. Initially we would like you to give them a call, check if they need anything, and then include them in your shopping plans moving forward.

Many will need prescriptions picking up, we could really do with a team doing this daily – picking up from Boots in the afternoon and delivering around the area – could you help with this? Please let us know asap, even one day a week would help.

Please read our guidance for interacting with your buddy, and details on how we are helping others, which is on our Website at  www.perransupport.com/how-its-working/. This is being updated on a regular basis, so please check it when you can. We also want your feedback, so let us know what is and isn’t working. How things might be improved.

Also find attached is a card for you to keep as a picture on your phone, or print out – it states that you are working for the Perran Community Support group and that you are supporting somebody in need. You may need this to justify multiple shopping items or explain why you are travelling. You will see that it includes a link to our Volunteers page at http://www.perransupport.com/volunteers/. Firstly please tell us if you aren’t happy to have your name listed here. Secondly can you please send Rory or Molly a photo of yourself, to add to this page.

ANY questions – please call/ email/ text/ WhatsApp, and please keep us updated!

We can’t say ‘Thank You’ enough,

Isolation Community Support Group
Phone: 07930 184898
Email: perranzabuloecommunity@gmail.com

Photos for the list of out and about Volunteers on the Website:
Either send your photo to the above details which are managed by our amazing Molly, and Molly will pass it on to Rory, or send it directly to Rory via WhatsApp 07767 267 413, or email rory@perransupport.com. Especially if you send the photo direct to Rory, do include your name with the message you send.

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